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Invoices and Payments

Regardless of the academic school in which a course is taken, the student pays the tuition and fees of the school to which he or she has been admitted and which is considered the school of record.


Students can pay their student account balance online by visiting BannerWeb and clicking on Student Services/Pay Tuition and Fees.

The QuikPAY system accepts:

  • E-check, a free service
  • Credit Card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover). There is a 2.85% service fee that will appear as a separate charge on your billing statement for using a credit card.

Cash or Check

To mail your check payable to The University of Richmond:

Student Accounts Office
142 UR Drive
Box R
University of Richmond, VA 23173

Or visit the University Cashier Monday-Friday from 9AM-1PM.

*Refunds generated from a personal check payment (including echeck payments) will be held for a minimum of 10 business days from the date that the check payment was received.

SPCS and MBA Installment Plan

The University offers 3-month or 4-month installment plans. Tuition installment plans provide students with a low cost option for budgeting tuition. Installment plans are NOT loan programs. There is no interest or finance charge assessed on the unpaid balance due to the university. There is a $35.00 nonrefundable enrollment fee per semester. The Monthly Plan is not available for courses offered during the summer terms.

The installment plan is integrated into the University of Richmond payment portal, QuikPAY. Students can access QuikPAY through BannerWeb/Student Services/Pay Tuition & Fees. For questions about the program, please call QuikPAY at 1-888-470-6014 or Student Accounts at 804-289-8148.

Payment Policies

Failure to pay in full by the first day of the term unless a payment arrangement is on file with Student Accounts will result in a late fee applied to your account.

Payment holds on your account may not be released until the next business day. Please contact Student Accounts with any questions.

By federal law, students for whom the Veteran's Administration has not yet paid tuition and fees for their veteran's benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33) or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Services (Chapter 31) are not subject to the university's usual holds, restrictions, or late fees for such monies.

No credit is given for a term's work nor a degree conferred until all charges have been satisfactorily settled. Failure to make satisfactory financial arrangements can result in delay of graduation, denial of registration privileges, removal from classes, and/or referral to a collection agency or attorney.

If the University deems it necessary to engage the services of a collection agency or attorney to collect or to settle any dispute in connection with an unpaid balance on a student account, the student will be liable for all collection agency and/or attorney's fees, reasonable expenses and costs incurred. Accounts referred to a collection agency are reported to a credit bureau(s).

Third Party Invoicing-Employer Tuition Benefit

If your employer is paying for your classes please submit your tuition benefit authorization form to your Student Account Specialist as soon as possible.  E-mail your form to or fax it to 804-289-6862. Required information: Student Name, 8 digit UR ID number, classes, employer identification number, and dollar amount your employer will be covering. If your employer benefit is contingent on your grades, you are responsible for payment when due and you will be refunded when your benefit is received.

University Faculty/Staff Tuition Remission 

Please complete the application for tuition remission  as soon as possible.  Failure to complete the application before the first day of each term will result in a hold and late fee. 

This application is reviewed based on existing University policies regarding tuition remission benefits for staff or tuition remission benefits for faculty. Employees must reapply at the beginning of each term unless they are a full-time student and apply for both fall and spring semesters at one time. This is not a class registration form.  Employees must register for classes separately.

Full-time students who are Virginia residents MUST apply for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) by July 31. Tuition remission does not cover the amount of VTAG. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Important Tax Implications

According to IRS regulations, tuition remission for employees, spouse, and dependents that do not have an undergraduate degree is not taxable. Tuition remission for same sex domestic partners and their dependent children, regardless of whether they have an undergraduate degree, is considered taxable income.  If an employee's spouse is receiving tuition remission benefits and is the holder of an undergraduate degree, the entire amount of the spouse's tuition remission in a calendar year is taxable income and taxes will be withheld from the employee's paycheck at the end of each semester. 

Applicable federal, social security, Medicare and state taxes on the taxable tuition remission benefit value will be withheld from employee pay. The taxable benefit amount is added to the employee’s taxable income over a series of paychecks and additional tax is withheld. The tax rate on the benefit amount will vary based on each individual’s tax circumstances (annual salary, number of allowances claimed, etc.); as the combined taxes can result in significant amounts, it is in the employee’s best interest to fully understand the tax implication. Employees should consult with their professional tax advisor if further guidance is needed.   

For questions regarding Tuition Remission please contact Human Resources at or call 804-289-8747.  For question regarding the tax implications please contact Payroll at or call 804-289-8170.