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SPCS and MBA Student Account Information


Prior to registration, students will be prompted on BannerWeb to acknowledge the following statement:

To enroll in courses at the University of Richmond I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • All tuition and fees to the University of Richmond must be paid by the first day of the term, or have a University approved payment arrangement or Financial Aid in place. I am personally responsible for payment of all debt incurred.
  • I am responsible for payment of all sums when due regardless of my eligibility for financial aid or other financial assistance.
  • I must acknowledge notifications sent to me through my University of Richmond email address. The official University e-mail address is used for invoicing and sending important communication. It is essential that UR emails are read on a regular basis to ensure I have the most current information.
  • I understand I am responsible for maintaining my current address and phone number through BannerWeb.
  • I may be contacted regarding my student account at any personal telephone number provided to the University of Richmond. Communication may be made to home telephone or mobile device using auto-dialer, text message, or pre-recorded message.
  • I am subject to and responsible for complying with all University of Richmond policies and procedures as stated in the University of Richmond Handbook.
  • By my registration, I acknowledge that I am responsible for payment of all charges on my student account. I understand that if my account is referred to a collection agency I will be responsible for all reasonable collection costs including attorney fees and other charges necessary for collection of this debt. I also understand that if my account is referred to collections that my credit report may also be affected.

I have read this agreement and understand it. By clicking the “accept” button, I affix my electronic signature and consent to this agreement.This acknowledgement must be accepted before you can register for classes.