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Active Duty Withdrawal Policy

If a registered student is called to active duty during the course of a semester (defined as the first day of classes through the last day of semester exams), the student has the following options:

Weeks 1-7: Add/Drop period. The student can drop the course and receive a 100% tuition refund (less any financial aid which the student may have received from the University).

Weeks 8-15: After the eighth week of classes, the student has a choice of withdrawing without penalty from the University and receiving 100% tuition refund (less any financial aid, which the student may have received for the semester), or taking a non-punitive incomplete (Y) in all registered courses. If the students chooses 100% tuition refund, they will be dropped from all registered course. Y grades must be agreed to by the instructor(s) and student.

Last semester before graduation: If a student is called to active duty in his or her last semester before graduation, the student should contact the dean of his/her school to determine if graduation requirements can be completed.

A prorated refund for residence hall and meal plan fees will be issued to students, based on the date of their last day on campus. If a student leaves on active duty without giving notice, the school will determine the last date of occupancy or meal usage.

Direct Deposit of Refund Checks

With direct deposit, your refund will be automatically deposited to the bank account you specify. It can take up to two business days for a direct deposit to post to your bank account.

To participate, return the completed Direct Deposit Authorization form and your voided check to the Student Accounts Office. Please return the form as soon as possible, to allow enough time to put your direct deposit into effect prior to your refund.

Direct deposit authorization stays in effect until you notify the Bursar's Office, in writing, to change it.

If you have overpaid your student account by personal check or by e-check, there will be a 14-business day wait from the day the check is deposited with our bank until a refund will be issued.