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Purchasing Card

The University of Richmond Purchasing Card (PCard) is a corporate Master Card issued through J P Morgan Chase.  The PCard is designed to provide an efficient way to process orders of University business-related goods, as well as allowing departments to make business-related travel purchases. Qualified purchases within a predetermined purchase limit can be charged directly to the PCard.  All PCard purchases are billed centrally to the University and paid to J P Morgan Chase. Charges are uploaded directly to the cardholder’s budget index, each week.

The following guidelines should be observed regarding the proper use of the PCard in conjunction with the University’s procurement policies and procedures. Please see the complete Purchasing Card Policy for more information.

Authorized P-Card Use

  • The PCard can be used to purchase office supplies, small replaceable equipment (calculator, etc.), classroom and laboratory supplies, subscriptions, books, videos, miscellaneous one-time purchases, and travel and entertainment expenses.
  • Purchases that total less than $10,000 individually or in aggregate, that meet the "exception" criteria identified in the Procurement Policy, that are on a contract, or that was preapproved by the Procurement Office.
  • Information Services (IS) should be contacted for any computer equipment or peripherals purchases.

Unauthorized Charges on the PCard

In general, the items listed below are not allowed on PCards and may cause the suspension of the card:

  • Personal items and services
  • Prescription drugs and controlled substances
  • AAA memberships
  • Donations or sponsorships (except in lieu of flowers or written approval from the President’s Office)
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Charges to University of Richmond (Bookstore, Edible Bites, 8:15, ETC, etc.)
  • Gasoline for personal vehicles

In some departments, there may be a need to make purchases that are normally not allowed.  In those instances, the department must discuss with the program administrator the need for the exception.  MCC code restrictions may be adjusted if the department can justify the exception.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my personal credit history be checked when I apply for a Purchasing Card?

No. Your personal credit history will not be checked or affected when applying for or using the Purchasing Card. The personal information on the application will only be used for identification purposes when activating your card for the first time.

Can I use the Purchasing Card to make purchases on the Internet?

Make sure that you use secure websites, and that the item being purchased is allowed according to University of Richmond Purchasing Card Policy.

Do I have to keep the credit card receipts for my purchases and how should they be filed?

Yes. Every Purchasing Card transaction requires a detailed invoice or receipt of what was purchased, in accordance with the University of Richmond Purchasing Card Policy. All original documentation must be forwarded to Accounts Payable every month with your approved statement.

If I don't review my transactions in PaymentNet or my manager does not approve them in the system, will the merchant still be paid?

Yes. The bank pays the merchants within a few days of the transaction date. At the end of the month, when the export file is sent to the general ledger, it will include all transactions whether or not they have been "approved" in the PaymentNet system. The transaction will post to the default index and account number.

Can a PCard transaction be stopped?

No. Once the charge has been made, your credit card will be billed. The cardholder would need to make arrangements directly with the merchant to obtain a credit, which would be processed through the card.

Will merchants know what a PCard is?

No. Tell merchants you are tax-exempt and that you will be purchasing with a corporate MasterCard. Show them the tax-exempt number on the card or provide a copy of the Sales Tax Exemption. (For a copy of the Virginia State Sales Tax Exemption form, contact the Purchasing Office)

Who can see my transactions in PaymentNet?

At a minimum, the cardholder and the program administrators can see a cardholder's transactions.

Can I split charges if they are to be redistributed to different index and account codes?

Yes. The PaymentNet application allows you to split your transaction up to 99 splits.

How do I add or delete indexes in PaymentNet?

The program administrators are the only ones who can add or delete index numbers in PaymentNet. This is done after the administrator receives an e-mail from the cardholder or approver requesting the change.

If my volume of spending exceeds my current PCard transaction or monthly limits, can the limits be increased?

Yes. The cardholder must complete the Purchasing Card Change Limit Request, and forward it to the program administrator to make the change.

P-Card Notes

PaymentNet is an online application designed and managed by JP Morgan Chase that lists all purchasing card charges made on an account.

Documentation is due to Accounts Payable by the tenth of the month. Required documents include the statement, transaction report with account code and notes, and receipts.

Statements are available on after the 25th of each month.

Customer Service
Please contact the PCard Team if you should have any questions or concerns regarding your University credit card at If the PCard Team cannot be reached after hours, for emergencies, please contact J P Morgan Chase at the 24-hour customer service number: 1-800-270-7760. This number is also available on the back of your card.