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Contracts and Vendors

Our aim is to partner with campus users to identify and qualify suppliers so that we can negotiate best-value agreements that will maximize the purchasing power of the University and reduce the overall cost of goods and services. If you have strategic sourcing questions or suggestions contact Wendy Burchard.

This page provides information on University contracts for frequently purchased goods and services. These contracts offer the best value on goods and services and do not require additional quotes.

Collegiate Licensing

Collegiate Licensing oversees the reproduction of the logos of the University of Richmond on merchandise.


The following spreadsheets list the consortum contracts that are available for higher education purchases at discounted pricing. All University procurement policies and procedures apply to purchases made through consortiums, including computers, printers, furniture, flooring, and other facilities-related purchases.

More information is available at these websites:

If you need assistance, please contact Wendy Burchard at (804) 289-8161.


Please contact Events, Conferences, and Support Services before contacting these vendors: 

East Coast Pyrotechnics

Sam Hill Entertainment


Acquisition requests, regardless of dollar value, for elevators, furnishings, floor coverings, fuel oils, gasoline, janitorial cleaning supplies, janitorial paper supplies, pest control, upholstery cleaning, window treatment cleaning, waste management and recycling must be initiated through University Facilities. This will ensure that all safety and commercial codes, as well as University product quality standards, are met.


Food Services

All food purchases should follow Dining Services' guidelines.



Ricoh (In-house)
(804) 289-8525

Allegra Print & Imaging
2100 Maywill Street
Richmond, VA 23230
(804) 741-6761

B&B Printing
521 Research Road

Richmond, VA 23236

(804) 794-8273

Sam's Club Membership

The University of Richmond has a business account with Sam's Club. Departments on campus who would like a membership to Sam's Club can obtain one through Accounts Payable, but please be aware that this account is strictly for University purchases only—no personal purchases are allowed. The cost is $15 per year and will be charged directly to the departmental budget.

The Sam's Club card is issued to an employee within the requesting department. This person must contact Francheska Williams, purchasing card administrator, at (804) 289-8176, in order to receive an add-on card to the University's account. They would then take this add-on card to Sam's Club to have their ID card made.

The employee will also be asked to sign an internal document so Accounts Payable can keep track of which departments have cards. If the employee leaves the University, their Sam's Club card must be returned to Williams. If the department wants to retain a membership, then another employee within the department must obtain a card.

To request a Sam's Club membership, please complete the application form and forward it to Accounts Payable.

The tax-exempt business account that the University has established with Sam's Club is a charge account. This means when using the Sam's Club card, the University will be billed for all charges and the purchaser will not have to pay for the merchandise purchased at the time of checkout. Instead, Sam's Club will send an invoice to Accounts Payable and the Francheska will review the monthly invoice and code the charges to the appropriate department. Accounts Payable will then process the invoice for payment.

Since the coding of the invoice takes place in Accounts Payable, all receipts must be approved and coded by the department that purchased the merchandise, and then sent to Francheska. Francheska will match all receipts to the invoice. Please send receipts to Francheska upon receiving them; please do not wait until the end of the month to send the receipts, as this will hold up the payment of the invoice.

For further questions or information, please contact Francheska Williams at (804) 289-8176.


All purchase requests for desktop computer hardware, software, peripherals, and printers must be initiated through Information Services.

Staples Advantage has Arrived!

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