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Chrome River

Chrome River is the University of Richmond’s new expense management system, designed to automate and streamline the travel and expense reimbursement and PCard monthly reconciliation processes. This cloud-based application will replace the current process in BannerWeb for travel and expense reimbursement and JPMorgan Chase’s PaymentNet for PCard reconciliation.

Chrome River will allow users to capture receipts and submit reports entirely electronically. Approvals for all reports will be routed automatically and users can track the progress of their expense report as it moves through the approval queue. Approvers can review reports remotely and approve through email or through the Chrome River website. Chrome River’s functionality integrates checks against the University’s travel and expense policies to make policy compliance and checking easier and more transparent.

In short, no more printing, taping, or stapling required for travel and expense or PCard reports, no more passing around a paper report for signatures, and no more mailing reports through campus mail. Chrome River makes the whole process electronic!

To access Chrome River, visit (Click here for guidance on creating or editing a bookmark for Chrome River.) 

Frequently Asked Questions
What benefits does Chrome River offer?

Chrome River is a web-based application allowing staff and faculty to access and submit their travel and expense reimbursement reports and PCard reconciliations completely electronically. Users can submit receipts and any supporting documentation electronically by scanning, emailing, or even taking a photo with a smartphone.

Chrome River also incorporates features such as a per diem rate lookup/calculator tool and a mileage calculator and map feature that will streamline the report building process for those seeking reimbursements. The system also has a built-in currency conversion calculator so that websites such as OANDA are no longer needed for foreign currency conversions.

Chrome River automates the approval process and users can track the progress of their expense report as it moves through the approval queue. For approvers, Chrome River integrates the University’s travel and expense policies into the reporting process, flagging potential policy issues to make the review process faster and easier.

For those submitting reports, this means no more printing, taping, or stapling of travel and expense or PCard reports, and for approvers, this means simpler, more transparent approvals, all resulting in faster processing of reports and reimbursements

How are approvers determined?

Approvals will be required from both the submitting employee’s supervisor (as reflected by HR in Banner) as well as the budget owner for the Index charged. In many instances, these approvers will be the same person and only one approval will be required. Approvers will receive an automated email when they have a report in their queue to approve, and the submitter can track the status of the report through the approval queue.

Is everyone required to use Chrome River?

Yes, all University employees are required to use Chrome River for travel and expense reimbursements and PCard reconciliation.

Who can I contact with questions?

Please contact Strategic Sourcing & Payments with any questions:

Francheska Williams
Accounts Payable Manager
(804) 289-8176

Sarah Andress
Purchasing Card Program Administrator
(804) 289-8177

Can I still access PCard transactions in PaymentNet?

PaymentNet is available to review PCard limits, review declined transactions, dispute charges, and activate new cards. It can no longer be used to allocate transactions. All allocations take place in Chrome River.

Will I receive reminder emails when my PCard transactions post in Chrome River?

Chrome River will generate a reminder email on the 20th of each month to notify you of any charges that have not been submitted on a PCard report. PaymentNet will continue to send email notifications when transactions post, there; however, you will not be able to allocate/reconcile those transactions in PaymentNet. You will do it in Chrome River.


Can I split expenses between multiple account codes?

Yes. In instances where a single receipt has expenses that need to be charged to different expense tiles (i.e., account codes), the Itemization expense tile should be used. For more information on this, please see the Splitting Expenses Between Multiple Accounts quick guide.