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The University of Richmond has partnered with Amazon to utilize its Business Prime option to leverage cost-savings through business-only pricing, quantity discounts, sales tax exempt purchases, and free shipping. Our partnership also simplifies the purchasing process and allows our employees to take advantage of the wide selection and competitive prices on the Amazon Business marketplace. The membership is paid upfront by the University to not overburden individual departmental budgets.

Join the Amazon Business Prime Account!

Making Amazon purchases through the Business Prime account is just as easy as through your personal Amazon account and is the only approved method for purchasing via Amazon at the University. To begin making purchases for your department with Amazon you'll need a valid email address and a University Purchasing Card (PCard).

To join the University of Richmond Amazon Business Prime account:

  1. Contact the PCard Program Manager (administrator of our Amazon Business Prime account) at and ask to receive an invitation to join the account. You should receive an invitation within two business days.
  2. For further guidance, access the Instructions for joining our Amazon Business Prime account or email for additional assistance.
  3. Once you have received your invitation, click the link and sign up using your University of Richmond email**.
  4. Start purchasing! Be sure to use the University PCard when making purchases from the Amazon Business Prime. No other method of payments are accepted.

**Note: If you already are using your email address for a personal Amazon account you will need to transfer this account to a personal email address (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo accounts, etc.) before accepting the invitation to join the University's business account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Amazon Business Prime account?

By joining the University’s Amazon Business Prime account for University purchases, you will immediately have access to the following benefits:

  • Free Two-day Shipping on over 100 million Prime-badged products
  • Free Consolidated Shipping – choose to receive orders in fewer deliveries
  • Discounted Expedited Delivery – pay less for one-day shipping on millions of items
  • Free Delivery on Special Items – some large, heavy products that require special handling
Can I use my email for a personal and business Amazon account?

Unfortunately you cannot use your email as both a personal Amazon account and as part of the University’s Business Prime account.  If you plan to make any purchases from Amazon for University business and you are using your email address for a personal Amazon account you will have to switch the account to another email then setup a new Business Prime account using the email address. 

Further, Amazon does notify the University of faculty/staff emails being used outside our Business Prime account and therefore prefer, but not require, personal Amazon accounts not use the email address.

Do I have to join the Amazon Business Prime account if purchasing for University business?

Yes. If you are making any purchases on behalf of the University through Amazon, you need to sign up for the business account. Luckily, it is a simple process! Contact the the PCard Program Manager at to be added to the business account.

Can I purchase personal items from the Amazon Business Prime account?

No. You should not use the University's business account to make personal purchases. The University's tax-exemption form is linked to the business account and should be used for University business purchases only.

Can I use a personal credit card to make purchases from the Amazon Business Prime account?

No. A University PCard (individual or departmental card) is required when making purchases through the Amazon business account.

Can I use a personal email address to join the business account?

No. You can only sign up using your University email address.

What address do I use for shipping?

Typically a University address is required for shipping but contact the the PCard Program Manager at if you have a special need for another shipping address.

**While the University is in a modified operating status any valid US address may be used**

Can I use the University's tax-exemption certificate on my personal Amazon account?

No. The University’s tax-exemption is for University use and purchases only and should not be added to a personal Amazon account.

Who do I contact if I'm having issues separating my personal account from my University email address?

Should you have any difficulty, Amazon Business Customer Service may be reached by phone at (866) 486-2360.

Who should I contact if I have purchased my own Amazon Prime membership for work-related purchases and wish to cancel?

You may contact Amazon Business Customer Service at (866) 486-2360.

Will my department's budget be charged the membership cost for the Amazon Business Prime account?

No, the Amazon Business Prime membership is charged to the University’s central account. Individual departments are not responsible for the cost.

I no longer need my PERSONAL Amazon account that is attached to the email address. How do I close this account?

Please contact Amazon customer service, (888) 280-4331.


Purchasing Card
Maryland Hall, Room G-13
(804) 289-8177

Amazon Business Customer Service
(866) 486-2360