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Robbery Prevention

Stay alert—pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of anyone around you. Note any suspicious person/vehicles.

Provide positive visibility for employees, customers, and police. Keep displays, advertising, and landscaping from blocking natural sight lines and have good lighting inside and out.

Keep register cash to a minimum and never count down drawers in view of the public.

Develop safe procedures. Vary the times that you bring your deposit to the cashier's office.

Have more than one cashier on duty.

Keep valuables and expensive items in a secure location.

Restrict the use of rear doors and install wide-angle peepholes for visibility.

Greet every customer.

Regularly test and maintain security equipment.

If a Robbery Does Occur

Stay calm.

Comply and cooperate with the robber.

Do exactly what the robber tells you to do, no more, no less. (Do not volunteer more information than is warranted.)

Avoid surprising the robber. Let the robber know if there are employees in the back of the business.

Without being obvious, try to obtain a good description of the suspect.

Give the robber(s) time to flee.

When you feel it is safe to do so, activate the alarm and/or call the police.

After Robbery Checklist

Lock all doors.

Try to note direction of travel.

Call Campus Police and stay on line with the dispatcher.

Complete Suspect Information sheet.

Secure any areas the robber came in contact with, (doors, counters, etc) for evidence.

Keep quiet and do not discuss the details of the robbery until after you have spoken with the police and you have completed your Suspect Information Sheet.

Ask patrons to stay unless they insist on leaving. Obtain their information if possible and advise them not to discuss the incident with the media.

Post the "closed" sign and wait for the police to arrive.