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Cash Handling

Cash should be locked up and out of sight and out of reachThis includes counting a drawer at the beginning or end of a shift, and any other time cash is being counted.

Cash should be locked in a file cabinet or a safe. Do not share the key and/or combination or keep it in plain site. Keys and combinations should be changed when employees leave the University of Richmond's employ, and whenever there is any concern about access.

Only paid University employees should be handling cash.

Deposit all funds received. Do not hold checks waiting to make one deposit. Most checks are only good for a certain amount of time and holding them reduces the chances of collecting the funds. Don't use collected funds for reimbursing expenses.

Make deposits no less often than weekly and whenever the amount exceeds $500. 

Remember that mailing deposits is risky to you; delivering them to the Cashier's office and walking away with a receipt shifts the responsibility to us.

If you ever experience a robbery, do not make any attempt to chase or apprehend the suspect. Note any details you can, then call University Police and follow their instructions.