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Monthly Budget Status Reports

Monthly Budget Status Reports are distributed by e-mail on the second working day of the month, except for June and December, when the month is held open longer for calendar end and year-end duties.

If you did not receive a report that you were expecting, you receive a report that doesn't belong to you, or you receive a report you no longer need, please contact

How to Read Your Report

At the top of the Budget Status Report you will see an "as of" date. This date tells you the last day of the month that the report was run through. Directly under that line you should see your index number. This is the number that corresponds to your particular department, grant, student organization, etc. Your index number should be used in conjunction with an account number when you need to charge something or have something re-classed.

The top page of the report shows a summary of activity for both the month and year-to-date. The "current period activity" column shows the monthly activity and the "year-to-date" column shows all activity so far for the current fiscal year.

The account numbers down the left hand side of the report show which categories your expenses are being charged to. Any account number that starts with a:

  • 5 corresponds to revenue accounts
  • 6 corresponds to labor accounts
  • 7 corresponds to operating expense accounts

For indices that have budget, the amount of money you have left to spend is the bottom number in the Available Balance column. For indices that don't have budget, but have revenue, the amount of money you have left to spend is the bottom number in the Year-To-Date Activity column. If there is a negative number in either of these two locations, you have overspent your index.

Any numbers in the Budget Reservations correspond to outstanding (open) purchase orders. If any of these open purchase orders are supposed to be closed, please e-mail Accounts Payable & Corporate Accounts director Jean Hines,, with the information about the P.O. and she will liquidate it for you.

The next page or pages of the report list all of the activity that occurred during the month. It is broken down by account down the side and by the type of activity (budget, invoice/journal entry, or purchase order/budget reservation) across the top.

If you have a question about one of the charges on your report, look in the Available Balance column to see what type of document it is. If the number in this column starts with an "I", it is an invoice that accounts payable put on and you should call them with your question. If the number starts with a "P", it is a purchase order that the purchasing department put on and you should call them. If the number starts with a "J", it is a journal entry that was done by someone in accounting or by one of the other areas that does journal entries. You may call the accounting office to find out who did the journal entry.

Transferring Charges

If you come across a charge that doesn't belong in your index or is in the wrong account, fill out a Journal Voucher Form and send it to the accounting inbox at

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