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I no longer need my Monthly Budget Report, how do I stop it or have it sent to another person?

Refer to the Monthly Status Report information.

I did not receive my Monthly Budget Report, who do I contact?

If you are a student, please check with your advisor—students do not receive Budget Reports directly; the report is sent to your advisor. If you are staff or faculty, please contact the Office of Planning and Budget.

Where did that charge come from on my Monthly Budget Report?

Charges on your budget can occur from many different departments on campus. In Banner, under FGIBDST, the "type" of entry is listed. The following list will give you the department to call for further information on the charge:

PPJV= Physical Plant Journal Voucher
INNI= Invoice (Accounts Payable)
FT01= Journal Entry-Accounting
PSJV= Print Shop Journal Voucher
BKJV= Bookstore Journal Voucher
CAJV= Catering Journal Voucher
FSJV= Food Service Journal Voucher
POJV= Post Office Journal Voucher
TEJV= Telecom Journal Voucher
ACJV= Alumni Center Journal Voucher
PCJV= Purchasing Card Journal Entry (Accounts Payable)

What is the balance of my index?

Monthly Budget Reports are sent every month, you may obtain your balance from that report. For the most current balance, please check your balance on FGIBDST. You may call the accounting office if you need assistance with FGIBDST.

How can I get an index number for my department or student organization?
I don't remember my index number, how can I find out what it is?

Your index number is listed at the top of your Monthly Budget Report. If you are a student, your advisor should know your index number. You may also call anyone in the accounting office. We can look that up for you.

How do I fill out the journal voucher form?

Please contact an accounting at All completed forms should be emailed to

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