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Overtime - Frequently Asked Questions

What is overtime?
Overtime is defined as actual time worked on the job, exceeding 40 hours during the standard University workweek.  Paid vacation and sick leave do not qualify as actual time worked.
How do I report overtime?

Employees do not need to report overtime.

  •   If an employee reports time on BannerWeb:  Report all hours physically worked on the Regular hours line. 
  •   If an employee punches a time clock: The system uses recorded in and out times to calculate regular and overtime hours.
How is overtime calculated?

All hours worked will be calculated at the hourly rate. Then the overtime hours will have an additional calculation at “half-time” (50% of pay hourly rate.)

Example 1:  An employee with a pay rate of $10/hour works 48 hours in one week.

                Regular Pay  48 hours @ $10.00/hour = $480.00

                Overtime         8 units   @ $5.00/hour* = $40.00

                Total Pay                                             = $520.00

Example 2:  An employee with a pay rate of $10/hr works 40 hours and has an 8-hour vacation day.

               Regular Pay  40 hours @ $10/hr. = $400.00

               Vacation Pay 8 hours @ $10/hr. =  $80.00

               Total Pay                                  =  $480.00

No overtime is calculated because the employee did not actually work over 40 hours in the week. The 8 hours of vacation pay do not count towards the 40-hour threshold.


Example 3: An employee with a pay rate of $10/hr works 42 hours and has an 8-hour sick day.

               Regular Pay  42 hours @ $10/hr. = $420.00

               Overtime         2 units @ $5/hr. =  $10.00

               Sick Pay        8 hours @ $10/hr. =  $80.00

               Total Pay                                 =  $510.00

The employee actually worked 2 hours over the 40-hour threshold.  Overtime was calculated for 2 hours. 

How will it appear on my pay stub?

Using the previous example of an employee who worked 48 hours in one week and assuming he only worked one week in the pay period, earnings on his stub would appear as follows:


Job Earnings Shift Hours or Units Rate** Amount YTD Amount
  Holiday Pay 1       $811.89
  Inclement Weather   I--Non-Essen 1       $275.00
  Overtime Pay   (half-time rate**) 1 8 $10.00 $40.00 $40.00
  Regular Pay 1 48 $10.00 $480.00 $2,282.75
Total: $520.00 $3,409.64

**Rate indicates the regular pay rate for the position regardless of how the earnings code uses the rate to calculate earnings - as is the case with the Overtime Pay earn code calculating at 50% of the regular pay rate.

Why does the rate for overtime display differently from the regular pay rate?

The system displays up to six decimals for the overtime rate.  When rounded to two decimals it will match the regular pay rate.

If I have a question, whom do I ask?

Questions should go to your supervisor first. If questions remain, contact the payroll department at or call (804) 287-6077.