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Pre-Visit Procedures

Please have the visitor complete the following documents:

  1. Foreign National Information Form (FNIF).
  2. Nonimmigrant Visa Waiver Checklist, if appropriate.

Contact Devon Slough to determine whether the visitor should meet with the Office of International Taxation.  If a visit is necessary, please allow for no more than 15 minutes. Devon's hours are 8:00-2:00, Monday-Friday. A meeting invite may be sent through Outlook.

During-Visit Procedures

  1. Copy visitor's passport ID page, visa (if applicable), and I-94 Card
  2. Copy visitor's SSN card or ITIN number, if appropriate
  3. Visitor must sign the Compliance Statement Form
  4. Visitor must sign a W-8BEN or a W-9 (contact Devon Slough to determine which form is appropriate)
  5. If the visitor is eligible for a tax treaty, a Form 8233 may be signed at this time.  (Contact Devon Slough for further information)

Post-Visit Procedures

Compliance Statement Form -- obtain department head's and Krittika Onsanit's signatures on the form.  (When sending the form to Krittika Onsanit in International Education, include a copy of the individual's passport ID page, visa, I-94 card, and invitation to speak at UR.)

Employee - Independent Contractor Classification Checklist -- obtain department head's and Kim Wilson's signatures on the form. (When sending the form to Kim Wilson in HR, include a copy of the check request and individual's invitation to speak at UR.)

Check Request Form -- Submit the check request to Devon Slough and not to Accounts Payable.  Devon must approve the check request before it goes to AP.  Sending the check request directly to AP may slow down the payment by several weeks. 

Attach to the check request the following:

  1. Travel receipts to be reimbursed
  2. Foreign National Information Form (FNIF)
  3. Nonimmigrant Visa Waiver Checklist (if appropriate)
  4. Compliance Statement Form (with all signatures)
  5. Employee - Independent Contractor Classification Checklist (with all signatures)
  6. UR department invitation letter with dates and purpose of visit
  7. Copy of the Passport ID page
  8. Copy of the Visa (if appropriate)
  9. Copy of the I-94 Card (NOTE:  may not be provided by Customs and Border Protection if individual traveled in VWB or VWT)
  10. Copy of the Social Security Card or ITIN number (if appropriate)
  11. Visitor's foreign bank information if the visitor would like to have the payment wired to their home bank account  OR  indicate the currency of the AP check.

Please call Devon Slough at 287-6007 with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your help ensuring compliance with IRS regulations.

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