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The Controller's Office offers financial services to and for the University community and maintains appropriate controls on the University's assets. We strive to provide our services efficiently and effectively so that all levels of management have the financial information they need on a timely basis.
Recent Changes

Effective February 1, 2016: Travelers will have the option to use one of two methods for requesting reimbursement for meals purchased while traveling on University business: 1) actual receipts, or 2) published Federal per diem rates. Visit the Meals While Traveling on University Business section of the Travel Guidelines and Resources webpage for the new policy and FAQs.

Effective January 1, 2017: The University's mileage reimbursement rate for business travel is 48.5 cents per mile for travel that takes place on, or after, January 1, 2017.

BannerWeb Check Request Changes:  To make the BannerWeb check request form more viable for use, the following enhancements have been made to the form:
  1. Independent contractor payments may be submitted by using this form, even when the Independent Contractor Form is not currently on file.  Upon completion of the form, the system will notify the user if the completed form and supporting documentation must be sent to HR or if they may be sent directly to Accounts Payable;
  2. Payments of $5000 or more may be submitted through this form.  Previously, these payments were restricted from this form;
  3. A field has been added so that the invoice number can be entered if a payment is being made against an invoice;
  4. The payee address may be edited or added.  Previously, the Banner default address populated the form and could not be changed by the user;
  5. The account code changes, which took effect July 1, have been added to the form. Please note that travel account codes are not listed as travel expenses are not reimbursed through this form, but rather the BannerWeb Travel and Expense Reporting Form.