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Do I need to obtain my chair's signature on check requests, P-card charges, or other grant-related documents such as the Faculty Summer Request forms?
No, as principal investigator you are solely responsible for your grant expenditures. When the Grants Accounting office receives these various forms, it is our role to make sure the charges and expenditures are in line with the grant award and the budget is not over expended.
Must a student who is being paid by an external grant in the summer abide by the same rules as a student who receives an internal summer fellowship?

No. The Undergraduate Research Committee has a firm rule that students must commit 100% of their time and effort to their summer research. This means they may not hold another job or attend classes during those 10 weeks; however, this rule does not apply to students who are paid summer stipends under an external grant. They may attend classes and hold another position as long as they devote the time for which they are paid during the specified time frame.

Does the grants accountant handle student research accounts, such as the Dickinson, Smart, Puryear, or Topham awards?

No. These internal awards have been established by endowments that are the responsibility of Tammy Hicks, director of Accounting in the Controller's Office. Tammy also handles endowments for chair holders.

What must I do if I want to hire a student on an hourly basis during the academic year?

First, you should make sure this hire is allowable under your grant. Next you should decide if the student will be paid on a regular basis or sporadically. A Job Approval Form (JAF), which Robert Plymale can send you, should be completed for students who will work a set number of hours for a period of weeks or months.

A Check Request Form should be used for a student who will perform a one-time, special task. Both of these forms should be sent to Grants Accounting for processing.

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