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Housing Deposit

Room selection for 2019-2020:  The room selection process will be in the  Star Rez system.  Students will accept the housing contract, pay the deposit, select roommates, and select a room within the new system.  The student portal in Star Rez will be available to students January 18th.  Details for signing into the system and paying the housing deposit will be posted in January.  Stuents must pay the $600 housing deposit by Monday, March, 4th if they are going to participate in room selection for the 2019-20 academic year.

Each year, undergraduate students that plan to participate in the room selection process are required to pay a housing deposit ($500 for returning students and $300 for entering students).

This deposit is non-refundable for entering students. The housing deposit is non-refundable for returning students if a room is selected. Students who pay the deposit and do not select a room will receive a $500 credit on their account for the fall semester.

When there is a past due balance on a student's account, any deposits made for a future term may be transferred to the student account to cover the outstanding balance.

I want on-campus housing for the 2018-2019 academic year:

A deposit of $600 is required ($500 housing deposit and $100 nonrefundable general fee).  Housing and enrollment deposits will appear as a credit on the July (Fall/ 2018 term) tuition invoice.  

If you have any questions regarding housing deposits, please contact the Housing Office at (804) 289-8060 or (804) 289-8471.

I do NOT want on-campus housing

Students who do not want on-campus housing need to mail the $100 general fee to:  Student Accounts, Box R, University of Richmond, VA 23173.  Please make sure that the student's name and UR ID number are included on the check.

This deposit allows the University of Richmond to determine the number of students not confirming a place and allow for allocation of such spaces to new students.

The general fee deposit is non-refundable and payment is due by Monday March 4th.

Contact Student Accounts

Phone number: (804) 289-8147
Toll free: (866) 241-8893

Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

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