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PaymentNet, designed and managed by JP Morgan Chase, allows PCard users to make changes to the current month's transactions by changing the index and account numbers from a dropdown list before posting to the general ledger.

Users who already have a user ID and password can access their charge card activity online (ID and password are required).

For questions or comments regarding this software, please e-mail Corporate Accounts.  


Download the PaymentNet cardholder guide template

  1. Open an Internet browser
  2. Enter the following in the address bar:
  3. Enter the following on the PaymentNet login screen: Organization ID
  4. User ID Pass Phrase
  5. Click "Login Now"
  6. On the left-hand side toolbar of the welcome screen, select "PaymentNet."

Viewing and Reviewing Transactions

You will first see the Transaction Lists screen, displaying all of your transactions.

Reviewing Transactions

  1. Click on the transaction.
  2. Compare the transaction details (e.g. amounts) with your receipts.
  3. Review accounting code allocations (defaulted codes may appear) and make any changes.
  4. Add Business Purpose to the Transaction Notes field.
  5. Check the Reviewed box
  6. Click Save
  7. To exit the system upon completion, click on the Home button on the top, right-hand side of the screen. Click Logoff located on the left side panel.

Splitting Transactions

  1. From the Transaction Lists screen, click on the transaction
  2. Click Split.
  3. Select the number of splits from the drop-down box. The amount will be divided evenly among all the rows.
  4. Click on the first Edit Row.
  5. Select any changes to that row's allocations. Split by either percentage or dollar amount. Click Save Row.
    1. Two splits
      The remaining amount will be automatically added to the other row.
    2. Three or more splits
      Any changes to the first row, whether adding to or subtracting from the amount, will be added to or subtracted from the last rows amount.
    3. Deleting rows
      Change the number of splits from the drop down box. Be aware that this will reset your split and remove any previous changes.
    4. Canceling a split
      To cancel an entire split, click Undo/Cancel Split
    5. Click Edit Row on any other row and follow step e. When finished, click Save Split.

Instructions for adding PaymentNet transactions notes (after Banner download)

Instructions for running transaction detail reports when you allocate charges for more than one card

PaymentNet Accounting Cycles

Determining the correct Accounting Cycle when printing Transaction Detail Reports with Account Codes and Notes has been a source of many questions for cardholders. Below is a list of the Accounting Cycles and the corresponding statement dates.

Accounting Cycle Statement Start Date Statement End Date

Sep 2010
Oct 2010
Nov 2010
Dec 2010



Jan 2011



Feb 2011



Mar 2011



Apr 2011



May 2011



Jun 2011



Contact Corporate Accounts

Maryland Hall, Room G-12
Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

Francheska Williams, Accounts Payable Manager
(804) 289-8176

Elaine Pierpont, Purchasing Card Specialist
(804) 287-6502

Jean Hines, Director, Strategic Sourcing and Payments:
(804) 289-8181